Mani Nickpour

Mani Nickpour is a Dutch-Iranian filmmaker from Amsterdam, currently finished the first part of his debut feature film Ahriman: Death Before Dying, Part: One.   

Born in Tehran, Iran, in 1983, Mani Nickpour was captivated by the world of filmmaking from a young age, drawing inspiration from his father, Saeid Nickpour. At just seven years old, Mani embarked on his acting journey, appearing in a feature film directed by his father. This early exposure ignited his lifelong commitment to refining his skills, both in front of and behind the camera. In 1990, Mani, along with his mother and brother, had the fortune of relocating to Amsterdam, Netherlands. His father joined them later.

Presently, Mani imparts his extensive knowledge of filmmaking as an instructor since 2007 at film schools in Amsterdam, such as Open Studio and the renowned Gerrit Rietveld Academy, currently only at Open Studio, sharing his expertise in filmmaking, camera techniques, editing, and compositing with students from around the world. In addition to his teaching career, Mani operates his own audiovisual company, HADOKEN, in Amsterdam, where he produces TV commercials and corporate films.

In 2008, Mani expanded his skills by attending workshops in New York, focusing on directing actors under the guidance of Lenore Dekoven. His fascination with ancient symbolism and mythology has heavily influenced his storytelling and overall film aesthetics. Mani is currently working on various film projects and plans to continue pursuing his fervent passion for filmmaking in the future.